While your pets are staying with us, they’ll be showered with lots of love, attention and care so you can rest easy knowing your “children” are in a clean, safe and fun environment.

Whatever your pet’s needs, chances are we have a room to accommodate them. Both our canine and feline guests enjoy temperature-controlled, sound-proofed accommodations that mirror the comforts of home. We even pipe in music to soothe their souls. Best of all, we have a loving and caring staff to attend to their every need during their stay.

  • Newly renovated, state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled boarding accommodations with live web cam feeds
  • Suites with cable TV. toddler beds and music
  • Home-cooked meals from our fully equipped kitchen, if you so choose
  • New slate tiled floor runs
  • See-through fencing runs and private rooms
  • Professional bathing and grooming of all breeds
  • Plenty of exercise and love
  • Regular monitoring through Kennel Connection, a software that helps us ensure your pets habits and health are being optimally maintained
  • In the works: An indoor, air-conditioned play area with more than 6,000 square feet of romping room (scheduled for Summer 2014)

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  • Hagan’s has everything you would expect and more. There’s plenty of room for our four-legged friends to frolic and play to their hearts’ content. The exercise area offers five acres of fenced-in space – complete with a pool – for our guests to unleash their boundless energy. The pool is particularly therapeutic for older dogs. Every six weeks, the area is treated for fleas and ticks to maintain a healthy and friendly environment for your pets.
  • Canine residents of Sarasota and Bradenton are also welcome to bring their best friends to play in our 16,000-square-foot play area, complete with shade trees, picnic tables, splash pools and pet playground. There’s also a wash area, a comfortable sitting deck and lots of toys. You’re welcome to visit any time as long as you remember to clean up after yourselves.
  • Your pet’s safety and comfort are our topmost concerns. Our resort was built from concrete-filled blocks on high ground – away from flood plains –with double-strapped roof trusses, which helps protect the animals from storms and hurricanes. We’ve also added a water reserve and a diesel generator to power the boarding facilities if needed. In addition, we’ve installed innovative rubber rock flooring in the entrance way and throughout the facility to create a safe and flexible walking surface for your pets’ paws. Nothing but the best!
  • We know you and your beloved pet are eager to be reunited after time apart. So we take the time to bathe and primp our guests so they’ll look and smell their best when you’re ready to take them home. That means coats, eyes, ears, nails and nether regions get the full spa treatment from some of the most respected groomers around. It’s also our way of ensuring you aren’t taking any unwelcome fleas or ticks back with you.

Cat Accommodations

Cats cozy up in the revamped Kitty Condos, a separate area with four levels to explore. The inviting condos have distinct sleeping, feeding and play areas, as well as a ‘litter lounge.’ The brand-new facility also offers an entertaining fish tank, lookout perch and outside lanai so your beloved kitty can play, bird watch, climb trees or take a cat nap. Attentive housekeepers tidy the quarters while our feline friends are stretching their legs. At the end of the day, our staff escorts them back into their suites for a relaxing evening.

Dog Accommodations

Dogs have their choice of suite-like rooms with cable television, toddler beds and tile floors. Because we know dogs are creatures of habit, we do our best to maintain their routine so their stay here is happy and relaxed. You can expect our attentive staff to check in on our guests eight to nine times a day, and your beloved pup will be able to exercise five or more times each day in our expansive, fenced-in play area. At the end of the night, they’ll be taken out once again to prepare them for a night of restful slumber. Tiled floor runs with dividers allow your pet to roam without feeling the need to defend his or her territory. For those animals with ‘sibling rivalry,’ we offer see-through fencing that allows them to see other members of their fur family, while maintaining their own space. That means young Sir Barks-A-Lot and Ol’ Neptune can see each other (even sleep next to each other if they like) and still enjoy their own place to relax or take a well-deserved nap.